Easy Ways How to Wear Hijab Scarf

Arabian princess wear hijab scarf which make them very unique and modest in the way they look. In old ears, this type of hijab was used by the women in order to wrap themselves in different angles, creating different styles. Therefore women of all the ages are very much attracted by the way they are covered with this head wrap. 

To get a very attractive and clean look along with grace you need to follow up some simple steps in which you will learn about how to wear hijab scarf and look equally beautiful as those without head scarf. 

How to Wear Hijab Scarf 
 1. Place your hijab on your scalp, with one side lengthier then the other; keep it in the proportion of 1/3 to 2/3. 
2. Tie up your hijab, at the one side of the hijab. 
3. Make a flip with the help of the lengthier side, of one inch and move it around. 
4. The lengthy part is then stuck all around the ear. 
5. The lengthy part of the scarf is then roll over around the face and to the rear of the head. 6. Just pin it up. And you are done!

Image Source: hijabplanet


El Baihaki said...

amazing hijab scraft, I like this. thanks for sharing ^^

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